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July 2013



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Jul. 9th, 2013

1d - so i can feel happier


[sticky post] [MOD POST] Welcome To One Direction Beta Readers :)

This community is a directory of beta readers for One Direction fandom. Beta readers are pre-readers for a work of fiction, looking at technical writing, fact accuracy, plot coherence, and anything else necessary to tighten up the work into its finished form. This community was created so that anyone interested in beta reading One Direction fan fiction could put their name down here, and writers would have an easier time finding one.

There is also a Tumblr counterpart here. I would prefer people using this Livejournal for volunteering their beta services, but if you do not have a Livejournal, you can send the form into Tumblr as a submission.

Rules for both betas and writersCollapse )

If this post did not answer your question properly, please leave a comment here or send me a PM! Thanks :)

Jul. 14th, 2013

niall guitar



Name: My real name is Steph, but in fandom most people refer to me as Saka based off my s/n
Tumblr/Twitter: Twitter: @sakabelle Tumblr: niall-hime
Email address: sakabelle at gmail dot com
How to best contact you:Twitter! I'll definitely see it if you contact me through tumblr or e-mail, but twitter will be much quicker and easier for you.

Have you written fic?: TONS! I started writing fics in the 90's when Backstreet Boys were popular so yeah... lots and lots. All of my fics from 2007 onward are here: http://climbing-the-walls.net
Have you beta-ed fic before?: Yep! Not a whole lot, but I do beta for a friend of mine and I have done it for a few other people as well.

What are your strengths?
Characters/pairings: Niall! I love to write about Niall, so if you need help with Niall, please send your fic my way! As far as pairings go, the ones I'm most familiar with are Niall/Liam, Niall/Harry and Louis/Harry. Other combinations I can do, but those are the ones I feel I know the best.
Types of plots/tropes: I am a lover of angst, melodrama, hurt/comfort and even more angst. I like canon-fic, but I have dabbled in some AU. I definitely love slash, but I also love a good bromance fic. Future fics set in the canon universe are another thing I love. Also on the offchance anyone wants to do a crossover with Backstreet Boys, they are my other main fandom, so I will definitely be able to help with that! (Even if you don't want a beta, please send me a link to BSB/1D fic if you write one because I need more of it in my life.)
Kinks: I'm really open to anything provided it's not on the list of squicks below.
Can you Britpick? Sort of. I'm Canadian and I watch entirely too much British TV. Also since I've been in this fandom I've been constantly trying to learn about British/Irish slang and am a perfectionist with a tab open on my browser constantly. But of course, I don't live over there so I know there are things I get wrong.
Other: I feel like I am very good at characterization and pacing. I can pick out where a scene is running too long or where it needs to be expanded upon. I also feel like I have a good handle on the boys' personalities and am able to tell if something is off about what they would or wouldn't do. Also in canon-fic I am all about fact checking. I like to maintain some sort of realism in my own fics, so if this is what you like to do with yours as well, I can definitely help you with that. I'm also pretty good with spelling and grammar!

What you will not do
Characters/pairings: Anyone associated with 1D. I don't follow 5SOS, Nick Grimshaw or anyone like that. I don't feel like I'd be able to help with a fic where one of those people are the main character.
Types of plots/tropes: Self-insert fics. Genderswap and m-preg are things I also don't have any experience with. Sci-fi/fantasy.
Squicks: Scat fic, underage fic.
Triggers: Nothing, really.
Other: Nothing I can think of!

Any other notes you feel are important go here
I really like to have a dialog with someone about their story. If you would like to use me as your beta, be prepared to send a few tweets/emails back and forth. I think it's important to talk through the plot and discuss it rather than me taking your story, making notes all over it and sending it back to you without us talking at all. Of course I'll still do that, but I think being able to discuss the story before and after is a key part of the process. Honestly, I've made quite a few fanfic writer friends this way. It's really great and a fun way to do things. :)

Jul. 13th, 2013

1d: liam/louis whispers



Name: Care, Caro, Caroline
Tumblr/Twitter: Tumblr/Twitter
Email address: cielgee at gmail.com
How to best contact you: Email or twitter.

Have you written fic?: Most definitely. Not all of it gets finished (or posted), but I do write quite a lot.
Have you beta-ed fic before?: Oh, have I ever! I probably beta more than I finish fic.

What are your strengths?
Characters/pairings: I've spent the most time with Liam and Zayn and Louis, fic-wise, and I feel like I know them best. I've also got a pretty good handle on Grimmy and Ed Sheeran. And I am BEGGING people to write more 5SOS fic (there are no bad combinations! OT9!) so give me all your Niall/Michael, your Liam/Ashton, omfggg.
Types of plots/tropes: I want to read your genre AU! I am a big nerd so if you feel like getting a little bit sci-fi or fantasy or horror, I am 100% on board. Oh sure, I'll also read normal stuff, like the usual university AU or "what if this girlfriend didn't exist"... but I also really love canon-compliant stuff?
Kinks: Voyeurism/public/getting caught goes to the top of my list. Cross-dressing/lingerie, particularly where Louis's ass is involved. I'm also big on first times (either ever or with that partner). Ooh, and threesomes/moresomes!
Can you Britpick? Kind of? I'm Canadian & watch a shitload of TV, so I'm a suitable third party to pointing out glaring Americanisms and helping you figure out the British alternative. I keep a text doc on my desktop of useful and unexpected British terms. I'm at a loss when it comes to Irish stuff though so I'm not the girl for you if you're going deep-Niall.
Other: I'm your gal for fun, sexy, idiot-boys-in-love type stuff. In addition to SPAG and characterization, I am also a stickler for realism and whether or not something makes sense when I imagine it. I watch your fic like a movie in my head, so if continuity is off (say, suddenly someone is described on being on the other side of someone without the reader being told he'd moved, for instance), I'll call you out on it. Very helpful in orgies! Can't keep track of all the dicks and limbs? Let me help.

What you will not do
Characters/pairings: I'm not your best choice if your fic or pairing is Harry-centric or if anyone is always-a-cisgirl genderswapped (but omg-woke-up-a-girl is fine, and so is het!) I just don't feel like I can help with the characterization? And I do NOT read self-insert stuff. Actually, let's just say no OCs of any kind.
Types of plots/tropes: I don't like a lot of tortured angst, character death, hurt-comfort stuff. I don't like the melodramatic sad stuff, basically. And definitely nothing with age play/children.
Squicks: Drugs, dubious or non-consensual sex, anything involving piss/shit/blood.
Triggers: None.
Other: I reserve the right to be quite blunt. Yeah, I will try to say nice things when there are things that stand out, but I'm most likely going to just point out all the bad stuff. It doesn't mean that I don't like your work! It just means I'm trying to be concise.

Googledocs is my preferred method to beta fic, but I am open to other suggestions.

Jul. 12th, 2013


[BETA APPLICATION] dragqueendream

Name: Ali
Tumblr/Twitter: n/a, n/a
Email address: dragqueendream at gmail dot com
How to best contact you: Email; sharing through Google docs is best for getting drafts to me.

Have you written fic?: Not in this fandom.
Have you beta-ed fic before?: Yes. I was also a creative writing major in college so I have a ton of experience giving constructive feedback to fellow writers.

What are your strengths?
Characters/pairings: I have the strongest handle on Harry, Louis and Zayn and am getting more in tune with Niall/Liam. Ships with any mixture of them is fine though I feel most comfortable with Larry, Zouis & Zarry, though I prefer the smaller ships to Larry. I am also good with Little Mix and enjoy Nimon. I have no strong feelings about top/bottoming either so anything's cool.
Types of plots/tropes: I like it all...canon & AU, fluff & angst. High school AUs. I love h/c. I'm not huge on PWP because I often need more character motivation than that but I can do it in a pinch.
Kinks: I'm open to most kinks, including non-con, so unless it's written below in the squicks section I'm up for it.
Can you Britpick? Nope, not a Brit.
Other: I can also do het/femslash.

What you will not do
Characters/pairings: Pairings with Nick Grimshaw, or any of the other radio 1 DJs, and Ben Winston. Don't know about the 5SOS boys either. I'm not crazy about genderswap or Ed Sheeran.
Types of plots/tropes: X-factor time period fics. Coffee shop AUs. A/B/O stuff. mpreg.
Squicks: Scat. Underage. Torture. Racism, homophobia or misogyny in any capacity unless it's vital to the plot.
Triggers: None, really.
Other: Nothing

Any other notes you feel are important go here
If you use me as a beta, I can give you a turn around time estimate based on word count. I really comb through texts and don't want to rush through longer fics so that might take me up to a week to beta it. Also tell me what you're looking for most in a beta: do you need me for more grammar and writing technique stuff or flow, story structure, etc. I can also be a sounding board if you're blocked badly.

Jul. 10th, 2013

1d - fall into my arms instead


[BETA APPLICATION] cherrycoloured

Name: Hayley
Tumblr/Twitter: Tumblr, Twitter
Email address: hayleyweber at gmail dot com
How to best contact you: Email or a PM here is best for me, but an ask on Tumblr is fine too. I'm barely on Twitter, so unless you have no other way to contact me, try to avoid it.

Have you written fic?: Yes, but not often, and aside from some comment fic, I have no published stories in this fandom.
Have you beta-ed fic before?: Yes, I have beta-ed some fic in Muse fandom and I often read over a friend's original writing for her.

What are your strengths?
Characters/pairings: Ziam is my OTP and Zayn is my favorite, so those are my top strenghts. I can beta read any of the boys, and other people I have a decent grip on are Little Mix, Nick Grimshaw+the Breakfast Show crew, Ben Winston, and Ed Sheeran. Pairing-wise, I'm good with any Zayn ship, even weird ones (though mainly him with the boys, Perrie, or Ben), Lirry, Narry, Stymshaw, Harry/Ben(/Zayn), Harry/Ed, OT5, and any OT3 that involves Zayn and Liam.
Types of plots/tropes: I'm definitely more into canon fic than AU, but I still love AU a lot. The weirder, the better, but I do have a fondness for the cliche high school and bakery AUs. Artist!Zayn/Zayn going to art school seem to be popular tropes, and as someone who went to art school and continues to draw, that is an area that I know a lot about. I'm also a huge comic book nerd, so if your fic involves superheroes, or Zayn and Liam's love of comics, or anything of that nature, I have a large knowledge in that. I'm also happy to do crossovers, provided I have a familiarity with the other canon.
Kinks: I really, really love D/s and would be excited to beta a fic with that kink. I also like spanking, dominant bottoms, breathplay, fingering, crossdressing/feminization, voyeurism, gangbangs/orgies, double penetration, spit roasting, omorashi, and facials. On the other hand, I also love fluffy, romantic fic where characters are "making love", and I particularly like it when that can be combined with kink. I'll also do het or femslash smut. I have a strong preference for bottom!Zayn, but I am willing to beta a fic with him on top.
Can you Britpick? Very little. I'm not British, so I am not the best person for this, but I can do some minor things.
Other: I'm the type of person who will stop in middle of reading a fic to look up a fact mentioned in it to see if it's correct, so if I you need help with fact checking and research, I'm really good at it. My spelling and grammar are pretty strong, but I'm also open to less convention methods of writing and can help you fine tune that.

What you will not do
Characters/pairings: I won't do anything with Eleanor, Danielle, Stan, or any of their other girlfriends/friends who are not famous as main characters (though them as side or background characters is fine). I also don't really know anything about 5 Seconds of Summer. Pairing-wise, I won't do Larry as a main pairing (I don't mind background Larry), Tomlinshaw, or Haylor.
Types of plots/tropes: Nothing involving depictions of rape or abuse, or any h/c that involves that. I also won't do a self-insert story.
Squicks: Huge no to scat, vomiting fetish, extreme gore, mutilation, milking, torture, nipple or cock piercing, non-con/dub-con, underage, knifeplay, and bloodplay. I also really dislike bottom!Niall.
Triggers: No Nazi fetish or anything that is anti-Semitic, please.