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July 2013

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Name: My real name is Steph, but in fandom most people refer to me as Saka based off my s/n
Tumblr/Twitter: Twitter: @sakabelle Tumblr: niall-hime
Email address: sakabelle at gmail dot com
How to best contact you:Twitter! I'll definitely see it if you contact me through tumblr or e-mail, but twitter will be much quicker and easier for you.

Have you written fic?: TONS! I started writing fics in the 90's when Backstreet Boys were popular so yeah... lots and lots. All of my fics from 2007 onward are here: http://climbing-the-walls.net
Have you beta-ed fic before?: Yep! Not a whole lot, but I do beta for a friend of mine and I have done it for a few other people as well.

What are your strengths?
Characters/pairings: Niall! I love to write about Niall, so if you need help with Niall, please send your fic my way! As far as pairings go, the ones I'm most familiar with are Niall/Liam, Niall/Harry and Louis/Harry. Other combinations I can do, but those are the ones I feel I know the best.
Types of plots/tropes: I am a lover of angst, melodrama, hurt/comfort and even more angst. I like canon-fic, but I have dabbled in some AU. I definitely love slash, but I also love a good bromance fic. Future fics set in the canon universe are another thing I love. Also on the offchance anyone wants to do a crossover with Backstreet Boys, they are my other main fandom, so I will definitely be able to help with that! (Even if you don't want a beta, please send me a link to BSB/1D fic if you write one because I need more of it in my life.)
Kinks: I'm really open to anything provided it's not on the list of squicks below.
Can you Britpick? Sort of. I'm Canadian and I watch entirely too much British TV. Also since I've been in this fandom I've been constantly trying to learn about British/Irish slang and am a perfectionist with a tab open on my browser constantly. But of course, I don't live over there so I know there are things I get wrong.
Other: I feel like I am very good at characterization and pacing. I can pick out where a scene is running too long or where it needs to be expanded upon. I also feel like I have a good handle on the boys' personalities and am able to tell if something is off about what they would or wouldn't do. Also in canon-fic I am all about fact checking. I like to maintain some sort of realism in my own fics, so if this is what you like to do with yours as well, I can definitely help you with that. I'm also pretty good with spelling and grammar!

What you will not do
Characters/pairings: Anyone associated with 1D. I don't follow 5SOS, Nick Grimshaw or anyone like that. I don't feel like I'd be able to help with a fic where one of those people are the main character.
Types of plots/tropes: Self-insert fics. Genderswap and m-preg are things I also don't have any experience with. Sci-fi/fantasy.
Squicks: Scat fic, underage fic.
Triggers: Nothing, really.
Other: Nothing I can think of!

Any other notes you feel are important go here
I really like to have a dialog with someone about their story. If you would like to use me as your beta, be prepared to send a few tweets/emails back and forth. I think it's important to talk through the plot and discuss it rather than me taking your story, making notes all over it and sending it back to you without us talking at all. Of course I'll still do that, but I think being able to discuss the story before and after is a key part of the process. Honestly, I've made quite a few fanfic writer friends this way. It's really great and a fun way to do things. :)


I need a Beta reader!

Are you okay with being my Beta reader? :)