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July 2013

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[sticky post] [MOD POST] Welcome To One Direction Beta Readers :)

This community is a directory of beta readers for One Direction fandom. Beta readers are pre-readers for a work of fiction, looking at technical writing, fact accuracy, plot coherence, and anything else necessary to tighten up the work into its finished form. This community was created so that anyone interested in beta reading One Direction fan fiction could put their name down here, and writers would have an easier time finding one.

There is also a Tumblr counterpart here. I would prefer people using this Livejournal for volunteering their beta services, but if you do not have a Livejournal, you can send the form into Tumblr as a submission.

1. Please be respectful of each other. No name-calling/bashing, and no racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, religion-based hatred, or ableism is allowed here.
2. PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING. If you do not, your application to will be rejected and you will have to try again.
3. Membership is open, but posts are moderated. However, unless what you've written shows a poor grasp on grammar or is completely irrelevant, it will be put through. If your post is rejected, I will give you feedback on why, and you are given an unlimited number of chances to fix it.
4. Soon I will begin developing the tagging system. Until then, do not tag your posts please.
5. Betas do have a right to say no to someone who asks them to read over their fic. However, please do it kindly and quickly, and try to keep an open mind. Someone might come to you with poor spelling and a weird sounding plot, but their fic could be a gem that just needs some polishing.

If you are interested in becoming listed as a beta read in this community, please first join the community. Then, create a new post and fill out the following form completely. The title of the post should go "[BETA APPLICATION] (your username)".

[Clarification on the form]
Name: Simply what you want to be called. Can be a nick name, can be your username, can be Harry Styles- whatever you want to be called.
Tumblr/Twitter: Self-explanatory. If you only have one, only put one. If you have neither, put that you have neither. If you are the type of person who changed their URL and/or Twitter handle a lot, make sure you are easy to contact through other forms of communication, and please edit this post with your new URL/handle.
Email address: Self-explanatory.
How to best contact you: Self-explanatory.

Have you written fic?: If you want to expand here and/or provide links, that'd be awesome :)
Have you beta-ed fic before?: Again, if you want to expand here and/or provide links, please do.

What are your strengths?
Characters/pairings: This is not just for the characters and pairings that you are willing to do, but the one you feel you have the strongest grip on, or at least the ones you enjoy the most (if you don't put a pairing here or in the next section, it can be assumed that you don't mind doing them). If you are capable of doing all of the boys, you can just put "all of the boys" or "All of 1D" or something like that. If you can do every combination of the boys, put something like how I just worded if. If you can actually do any pairing, word it similar to that. You can also put non-1D characters common in 1D fic here- if you feel like you know a lot about Little Mix or Nick Grimshaw or whoever, put them here!
Types of plots/tropes: Again, ones that you feel you have a particularly strong grasp of or just really like. Non-sexual sort of kinks (like you enjoy reading about spooning or tickling or whatever) go here too.
Kinks: This is just for sexual stuff. If you are uncomfortable beta-ing sex scenes, put that here instead.
Can you Britpick? Obviously this can be a yes or no question, but if you say yes and could go into a little detail on what specific British-isms you know best, that'd be great! For example, if you live in Yorkshire, put that down as it could be really helpful for someone writing a fic about Zayn or Louis visiting their families.
Other: Any other strengths you have as a beta reader that were not covered in these questions should go here.

What you will not do
Characters/pairings: The opposite of the similar question above. Only put characters and pairings that you feel you are particularly bad at, or that you really don't like, not just ones that aren't your favorites (again, if you don't put a pairing here or in the next section, it can be assumed that you don't mind doing them). Again, common non-1D characters can go here too.
Types of plots/tropes: The opposite of the similar question above. Again, only stuff you are really bad at/really dislike.
Squicks: Sexual things that gross you out. Again, if you won't beta sex scenes, put that here. DO NOT PUT TRIGGERS HERE.
Triggers: Should be self-explanatory. If you don't have triggers, just put "no triggers".
Other: Anything else you won't do that isn't covered above goes here.

Any other notes you feel are important go here

If you have anything else to say that wasn't addressed above, put it here. Please don't use this as a space to post funny images/gifs or something random.

To contact a writer, simply go through whatever channels are available, such as using one of the forms of contact left on their post. Don't be shy about asking for help here- everyone has volunteered their service and are more that happy to provide you with the assistance you need. I will be setting up a feedback post soon, so writers can leave feedback for whatever beta read their fic.

If this post did not answer your question properly, please leave a comment here or send me a PM! Thanks :)


This community is a directory of beta readers for One Direction fandom Beta readers are pre-readers