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July 2013

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dragqueendream in 1dbetareaders

[BETA APPLICATION] dragqueendream

Name: Ali
Tumblr/Twitter: n/a, n/a
Email address: dragqueendream at gmail dot com
How to best contact you: Email; sharing through Google docs is best for getting drafts to me.

Have you written fic?: Not in this fandom.
Have you beta-ed fic before?: Yes. I was also a creative writing major in college so I have a ton of experience giving constructive feedback to fellow writers.

What are your strengths?
Characters/pairings: I have the strongest handle on Harry, Louis and Zayn and am getting more in tune with Niall/Liam. Ships with any mixture of them is fine though I feel most comfortable with Larry, Zouis & Zarry, though I prefer the smaller ships to Larry. I am also good with Little Mix and enjoy Nimon. I have no strong feelings about top/bottoming either so anything's cool.
Types of plots/tropes: I like it all...canon & AU, fluff & angst. High school AUs. I love h/c. I'm not huge on PWP because I often need more character motivation than that but I can do it in a pinch.
Kinks: I'm open to most kinks, including non-con, so unless it's written below in the squicks section I'm up for it.
Can you Britpick? Nope, not a Brit.
Other: I can also do het/femslash.

What you will not do
Characters/pairings: Pairings with Nick Grimshaw, or any of the other radio 1 DJs, and Ben Winston. Don't know about the 5SOS boys either. I'm not crazy about genderswap or Ed Sheeran.
Types of plots/tropes: X-factor time period fics. Coffee shop AUs. A/B/O stuff. mpreg.
Squicks: Scat. Underage. Torture. Racism, homophobia or misogyny in any capacity unless it's vital to the plot.
Triggers: None, really.
Other: Nothing

Any other notes you feel are important go here
If you use me as a beta, I can give you a turn around time estimate based on word count. I really comb through texts and don't want to rush through longer fics so that might take me up to a week to beta it. Also tell me what you're looking for most in a beta: do you need me for more grammar and writing technique stuff or flow, story structure, etc. I can also be a sounding board if you're blocked badly.


I need a Beta reader!

Hello there! I really need a Beta reader for my fanfic, so can you be the one? :) I need you for grammar and writing technique, and to fix some things in English because it's not my first language. I think I'm pretty good at it, but still, you know it better than I do and I'm sure there are some mistakes. :)